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About The Hemi Under Glass

The Hemi Under Glass was the brain child of Hot Rod Magazine’s Ray Brock. When George Hurst was looking for a new project to test and promote his products it was Ray Brock who suggested using the new Chrysler Plymouth Barracuda with the new 426 Hemi engine mounted in the middle of the car to give it better traction.


Today the Hemi Under Glass is recognized as one of the most famous exhibition cars in the world. Mike Mantel took over as new driver and owner of operations shortly after driver #2 crashed with Jay Leno in a newly constructed ‘69 car that has no racing history.


Mike is only the third official driver in the 50+ year history of the car. He is driving the ‘68 supercharged Cuda which is the longest performing Hemi Under Glass ever constructed. Original driver, “Wild Bill” Shrewsberry, has been making special appearances with Mike at events.

The Hemi Under Glass is sponsored by Liquid Horsepower Fuel Additive. Check it out at or get some from our online store.

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