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The more efficient a gasoline burns the better performance you will have. Poor grades of gasoline burn so fast that they explode (ping) even in low compression motors. The burn is so inefficient that the combustion takes place right at the top of the cylinder causing a hammering effect. This creates tremendous localized heat which is hard on pistons, rings, valves, bearings and head gaskets (see Figure A). With Liquid Horsepower you can see that the ultimate power gain is from the longest burning fuel pushing on the piston all the way down the power stroke. The better a gasoline is, the slower and more complete it burns. LHP makes gasoline burn longer, slower and more complete which means the flame will push down onthe piston further and the heat will travel downward with a very bold push (see Figure B). This improved flame travel is a direct result of controlling combustion. All engines release energy on the combustion stroke. LHP maximizes the performance of all grades of gasoline.


- Increases octane effect up to 10 points while improving combustion in all grades of gasoline
- Relieves stress on engines caused by poor combustion
- Increased power, lower emissions, better fuel mileage
- Fights corrosion caused by ethanol blended fuels
- Keeps fuel fresh during storage
- Super concentrated for easy transportation
- Cleans injectors, carburetors, intake valves, and combustion chambers
- Lubricates top end

Recommended for use in all stock and modified gasoline engines whether carbureted or injected and with or without catalytic converter and oxygen sensor. Concentrated for easy transportation. 6oz bottle has a view strip with five gallon increment lines for precision measuring. Liquid Horsepower improves the quality of all grades of gasoline, increases performance, fuel mileage, and keeps fuel fresh during extended storage, lubricates top end and keeps fuel system clean.

Liquid Horsepower Fuel Additive (LHP) - 10 ea 1oz bottles

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